Euro Choice Name of Quality


Dean Harrison a renowned racer wore race suit manufactured by Euro Choice sponsored by Feridax, SPADA in the esteemed road race, The Vauxhall International Northwest 200, based in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, during the race there was a serious crash at 100mph+ involving Dean Harrison, Stephen Thompson and Horst Saiger. Luckily Dean walked away unhurt whereas, Stephen Thompson and Horst Saiger were taken away in an ambulance. Dean Harrison is reported to have said, “I couldn’t be more pleased with the Spada Curve leathers, they held up really well and I have no doubt that they’re the reason I was able to get up and wasn’t in that ambulance, I’d put my trust in them every time.”

Euro Choice has always been very keen to ensure the safety of riders through our high strength and well stitched garments. Safety and quality are areas highest on our priorities and on which we do not compromise.


Euro Choice Biker's Suit used in MOTORCYCLE GRAND PRIX RACE 54 MACAU, 2007.